Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Have you ever felt as if you've got loads of things to do and you dont wanna do it?

and you wanna do something else but u dunno watodo?

i'm freakin feelin like i've just finished spm-itz like i plan and plan and plan a whole buncha shit to do/celebrate and now is the time to celebrate, i'm freakin bored with nothing to do.

Except that moral really took loadsa energy from me.
Shit aside, I'm soooo gonna miss u again. 3 months damn long wei!!!
I'm soooo gonna miss you too! 3 months is damn long wei!!!
Nehhh... My two friends lah. Jela and Lala. Both left me for UK and Sarawak.
Jela just left this morning, should be arriving in another 10 more hours. As for Lala,
THAT GIRL, the minute she flew across the South China Sea(betul ah?) she ordered some nail stick on thingy that costs RM80 AND she permed her hair!!!
I don't blame her la, she's miles away from her dictator.
And here I am stuck with some clowns. Wait, IceClown has left for Malacca, and Jion will be leavin for JB.
Yesh, people, leave, go. Go on, carry on with your lives, go ahead without me, while I
go yumcha with my other clowns! Though I couldn't go out with a group of them lastnight because I pissed The Dictator off.
That was fun!


Anonymous said...

hehe that usually happens when ur on holiday,or holidays, i really wonder why! i can think of so much to do during exams yet when it comes the free time you just ended up blank and waste precious time staring at the clock..or wall or pc or..

clo said...

haha. guess i'm not the only one