Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I Think I've Gone Cuckoo

Guess what I've been searching on You Tube lately.

Nevermind. I'll tell you. You'll never guess anyway.



Clo, who never gives a hoot on badminton is watching badminton. ON YOU TUBE!!!

Got la, I never change, sure ada look for Lam Fung. 
He'll be releasing his 3rd album. WOOT~!!

And guess who's the ambassador of PowerRootAliCafe?

Confirm want to target the Chinese audience that's why they chose him.


ONION said...

it did work, it makes me like him, not ALICAFE, i don't even give a shooot about ALICAFE, i just can't stop listening to his fluent Mandrine , Thumbs up.. better than all those "wannabes".

ONION said...

did u saw the commercial! dam shock, every1 in the house is Eyes on TV, ( just to be clear , no1 gives no dam about Ali....or his cafe...

his chinese name sounded way nicer! than Cantonese.

ONION said...

and no i'm not a lam fung freak, it's just...impress when he speaks!
so well...

and my sis said ' he speak chinese WOR!"
-something like tat.

suddenly though of,

since u like him so much

man & fung = man fung HAHAH!

chLoe said...

lol! yeah he speaks mandarin, he even sang a mandarin song for his movie many years ago-Stolen Love co-starring Rain Li.

and who is man? i know fung is him lah.