Monday, 18 May 2009

While I Was Parking

I was gostan-ning mah. then i saw the tree behind the car. I was wondering if the tree was BEHIND or BESIDE the car.

So I was like, 
"can I gostan some more ah? can I gostan summore ahh?" 
And I was like 
"if hit tree then kenot gostan lah"
Then I continued
"hit tree ah? ok la. soft soft hit lah. then i know i kenot gostan anymore"
To which I added
"if hit then i park out abit lo. if didnt hit then the car lucky lo, didnt kena kiss by tree"

And so I gostan gostan gostan.

Then I suddenly realized that the tree was so damn freaking near the car. 

But I still wanna gostan summore.

So I gostan lo. 

Then the car jerked abit.

Alas! the tree kissed the car.

Click to enlarge. the red part was where the tree kissed it. 

Clo was driving alone. She talked to herself. 

Stupid tree. Bang the car.


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

yea, them trees tend to get in the way sumtimes eh?

chLoe said...

hahaha. yup. they're all over the place. at wrong places...

ONION said...

didn't know u own a van,....

chLoe said...

LOL!!! my drawing look like van mehh?