Thursday, 21 May 2009


because my friend did another facebook quiz.
This time it has to do with TVB's Moonlight Resonance.

This is my friend's page. i used paint to colour off the friends and her name for safety purposes. Heh.
Anyway, it is also to avoid distractions and for you to focus on the quiz I'm reffering to. Do not look at my beautiful scribblin, but at the quiz below. Click to enlarge.

So anyway, I wanted to do this quiz so badly, so I decided to look for translations online   because I so reeeeeeaaaalllyyyyyyy  badly wanted to do the Moonlight Resonance quiz.

And so I did. Click to enlarge.

The beauty of both languages got lost in translations.

The shark food left red bean can change baa?


Andrew.C said...

OMG... hahahaha, i laughed my arse out with those transliterations.. LOL!

chLoe said...

hahaha!! i knowww
i wish i knew the chinese characters, it would have been more funny. =D