Thursday, 21 May 2009

Some of You May or May Not Know, I Have a Fettish for Tickets

...parking tickets, that is. 

Reason: How often are you able to get your car out of the parking space wihout returning the parking tickets to the ticket-eating machine or even paying a hefty sum?

That's why I treasure my collection. 

The non-Summit was given by Wvern, and the other two was given to me by her and Suc as well, and the yellowish one on the right sekali was given to my by my mum. My pioneer ticket. The ticket that started it all. The sifu.  The master. The beginner. The inspiring one.The first lah, haihyo.

But the sad part is I lost my KLCC and Avenue K tickets ='(
So, that day we went to the parking machine and I masukkan The Pioneer Ticket.

And the ticket is worth:

And it increases EVERYDAY!!!

But if you look at it at a diffrent point of view, my loans gets higher each day. 


Anonymous said...

how u gt the ticket out without returning the card o??
so nice??

chLoe said...

the ticket machine knows me too well. and i always go there. hence the free extra ticket =P

Anonymous said...

=.= don b sotplak la.
machine noe u tikus o. lol

Andrew.C said...

Press ticket, then walk in.. the sum is CRAZY! @.@

chLoe said...

zq, how am i a tikus?

chong, that ticket is dated back to 2008 hence the huge amount =)