Sunday, 10 May 2009

Same Badminton Thoughts

of mine are placed everywhere... MSN, Facebook, Twitter(if I signed in for the 2nd time in 4 years).

I personally think that

 Koreans should stick to making dramas and music and stay out of the badminton court

Really. Let the Malaysians shine lah. Dahlah you took over the music and tv industry because you make really really really good music. And really really really good drama(s). Sorry for the plural in the bracket. So far I've only enjoyed Princess Hours. 

Or maybe it's because I've only watched a handful ie:
Full House and 
Successful Story of a Bright Girl and 
Ten out of a few hundred episodes of Jewel in the Palace and
Five epsiodes of Prince Hours and
Two episodes of Mr. Goodbye (though I might wanna buy the dvd) and
I guess that's about it.

Oh, I think that Koo Kien Keat is a hawt drama Queen   King. 

hehee =)


ONION said...

Words + pictures = Bagus

Christina said...

aiyooo... that fella.. perak-ian ok! hahah!! nowadays,his badminton pretty much sucks. haih.. how saddening

chLoe said...

Onion, tankiu =)

Christina, I didn't know he's from perak. but he's cute looo =P
so is tan boon heong la, but i decided to feature kkk in this post 1st.

Christina said...

yeah.. he's from perak. from SMI school. haha! he recently came to support the perak badminton team. then my fren got to take picture with him. kinda happening.