Monday, 11 May 2009

Some of You May Know

that I have this 'thing' against Japanese.

Which includes Japanese songs, Japanese music, Japanese anime, and Japanese in general. 

Don't ask.

I guess the squeaky voices of the lady singers irritate me. Perhaps their music is to emo. It is possible that the cartoons are so damn emotional till it can weigh down your heart and make you think wtf don't you have long legs and date hot guys like them. lolwtf.
Sometimes it makes you wonder why isn't your life perfect like theirs or if you'll have a happily ever after story just like your hero or heroine.


But I've got nothing against Japanese products. They are the most innovative lot I've known especially their invention of robots which target is to make mankind lazier. I enjoy shopping at the 100yen stores and  Daiso(RM5 store). It is also pretty comforting when you actually buy something made in Japan instead of China. Let's face it. Chinses are already infamous for their selfish Chinaman mentality accompanied by those unscrupulous acts.

 I love Japanese cold noodles lah. Nothing against Japanese food. 

Guess some of you may be asking why is this blog called atashichloe-which means I Am Chloe. 
I hope.
First, I never knew this blog would be so permanant. 
Second, I was watching this Japanese drama called Pride. Starring Takuya Kimura. Pride inspired me. Alot.
i) atashichloe
ii) my email address
iii) I wrote 2 poems in an hour-one for the school mag, and the other I can't remember what it was about. 
iv) skate. Ice skate. I never even thought of skating.

dan lain lain. I'm sleepy. I don't wanna continue this post. 

I'm watching Mothers' Day Special on NatGeo. I finally understand wtf is monozygot wtf and, and those dumb magnet lines of chromosomes we had to learn and draw in f5 bio. My $#$#!(*@&(*@@^ brain is 3 years slower than the average monkey.

I'm off to bed now. Gym later at 8.30am. Feeling pretty excited =P
I've come to like RPM now.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes Clo super duper skinny and wise  


the Dark one said...


i disagree...apart of the the squeeky voice or emo as u said...japanese songs are very unique in their own way...especially at these times where they combine a lot of things into one...i guess wut u TERlisten is smth not new...u should tell me...i intro few songs then it'll change ur mind..

OR u jus not music kinda person...

i dun understd the words they're saying...but they're music is pretty for koreans...their music is normal...but. most of it...their voice is very sexy....


Jin said...

I am against you too! You're just listening to the wrong Japanese songs. Just like any other form or genre of music, they have their own crappy songs and good ones. Most of the good ones are usually done by more obscure artists, and that's why you've never heard of them. There's a reason why I'm anti-radio and MTV because most of the songs played are just the mainstream ones, and somehow people are deluded into liking them just because it's popular and it's cool to be found liking them. As a mass comm student, you should know how easy it is to fool people into liking something through promotion activities. But of course, personal taste do count into this as well, so in the end, it's just a matter of opinions.

"I guess the squeaky voices of the lady singers irritate me. Perhaps their music is to emo."This applies to all long-haired, sissy, pretty boys/girls of Asian lineage. I'm looking at you, Rain/Supergirls/Wondermen/whatever-boybands-or-girlbands-have-as-names-nowadays.

chLoe said...

waooo~ two japanese song fans against my poor humble post. more like against me la. hahaha!!!

Andrew, i have, or yalah, maybe i havent come across ones that suit my liking. =P

Jin, we've gone through this many times. how i dislike japanese songs is exactly the way you dislike leehom songs. I actually enjoyed a few of hikki's songs from her latest album. =)

I ter-listened to one random japanese song and i got irritated. Hence this post. Nothing personal. So to all those Japanese song fans out there (which includes you, Andrew and Jin) I guess we have our differences of taste in music. That's all.

Peace =P

ONION said...

i like ur last line... dm chun