Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Did You Notice A Girl Walking

around Taipan aimlessly from about 7pm to 8.30pm, you were probably looking at me. 

I couldn't decide on what to eat or where to eat, or even if I should eat, for that matter.

Everyone were busy that time *ahem*

Actually, I needed some time out. I would have driven to KL to view the lights if I knew the way. 

 yes, I didnt know how to go to my gramma's house at usj13 from my skool, smk usj8 when I missed the bus and i had no house key and i was friggin 13. While people were having sex when they were 13, I didn't know how to get home

stupid smartassmonkeybrains of mine.

Shit la, it's 11pm and I'm already feeling sleepy. Forgive me for the crap I wrote below. It's not for normal human eyes or normal smart brains. U need the extra monkey ass to be able to understand it   =P

Oh, if anyone of you by chance happen to be awake at 8.30am tomorrow, please do drop me an sms or give me a call. I'm afraid I can't hear my phone alarm. Thanks =)

Okie, going to resume start doing my computer print production assignment now. Am not so stressed already. Had a discussion with miss and the rest of Team Platform