Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Note: I am not emoing

I really don't know what to think of right now

I don't know where to start.

So many things going on in my mind.

Get inside my smart ass monkey brains and have a peep.

1) Shall I change the date of the event? There are pros and cons.pros are we get groomers and higher chances of sponsors coz stupid midvalley is having the same event on the same day wtf and the competition tagline is not done yet.remind me to ask yosh to get the address and i'll negotiate with the company and to talk to the segi bursary which reminds me of msfida which equates to recording a video of me interviewing people wtf i cant even pose for a camera let alone being in a video and i need a *&(*&** topic about f1 to be typed out and pasted on newspaper and start creating questionaires for journalism and analyze it and write an investigative/feature news by monday next week .that's 3 subjects mentioned, one more to focus on which is computer print production i can't freakin decide on whether i should design pretty Crabtree & Evelyn package or fun and new and loud Crabtree and Evelyn package. both ways i need to google pictures of flowers.sigh. i dont like flowers.but i like Crabtree & Evelyn.

if you were to look left and scroll down, you will see some links under the signboard 'more masterpieces here' click it and you have exited the tour of clo's smart ass monkey brains.

for those who still wanna take a tour round, i'll bring u to the next chamber where the 'keith needs to take a video tomorrow what footages do we need? does aki have a superchunted camera? remember to take superchunted video camera from video lecturer today.

And that's the almost the end of the tour. Goodby and have a nice day =)

Sorry i had no proper introduction of the tour and the English language has been murdered and killed and buried 74982534 times in this post itself. Not to mention i absolutely hate to read sentences without a fullstop or a comma to seperate two diff things be it on msn, thgough sms and even blogs.


everything is due and the intervals(?) of each deadline are so close to each other!!!

*breaks down and cries*


Christina said...

aper ini.. don't breakdown and just cry! DEADLINESSSS!!!!!

chLoe said...

okay okay I'm up I'm up!!!!

done with taglines, thought of f1 topic, now doing questionaires. yipieee!!!