Sunday, 21 June 2009

I Eat, Sleep Breathe Campaign


Everytime I sleep I think of the campaign.
As I'm about to wake up, when I'm in my dreamland-almostreality mode, I think of the campaign.

Whenever I eat, I think of what to serve the VIPs and the Media.

Whenever I breathe I think of what will happen and what is not done and who to delegate what to do what.

You'll get what I mean.

#1 there's only 10 of us
#2 there's so much to do
#3 there's so little time.

Sometimes I'm so exhausted, I don't even bother to come online.
To those people whom I haven't been talking to online or offline, I'm sorry. When I say I'm busy, I really am. Sorry, but emoing doesn't work on me.

I'm really glad that you guys have not abandoned atashichloe =)
appreciate it loads.

Now I'm sort of relieving my stress. Feels good. But I think I'll just go paint my nails to feel better.

You know what will make me feel WAAAAAAYYY better?
It's you attending my event on the 12th of July with your pets =)

more info on the link on top.



ONION said...

Jia You clowe!

ONION said...

as long you don't walk like the campaign will do.. 1+1 = ?

Pets For Keeps Campaign said...

haha thank you, slimmy!!!