Monday, 22 June 2009

I Can Read Your Mind.

I know you miss Dizzie so much.

And I know you know I'm so damn bloody nice to you. Tha's why I'll be giving you a break from all my babified rants and show you a picture of Dizzie, my dog. =)

You think I'm so free to put her in there ah? She jumped in herself. Silly Dizzie.


Nicholas Tan said...

how r u ever gonna put any food in thr anymore..her footprint is ice cream!!??
must have ice cream!! must..go buy now!!

Christina said...

haha!! ice cream. just close the it clo. she's friggin freeze inside. haha!! XD

I'm kidding.

ONION said...

how on earth she opens the Door!

chLoe said...

ice-lol. no need ice cream!

christina- hahaha!!! apalalu. when i release her from the freezer, she'll come and bite u for asking me to do that. LOL

slimmy- the door was memang opened wan. we were cleaning the freezer. =)

Pam said...


chLoe said...

hello pam =)