Tuesday, 23 June 2009

TVB Saved Our Lives

and here's how it did.

We were rushing GG to complete and finalize our posters and flyers for the campaign as we had to pass them to kind hearted Mr Gan of House of Groomrs Academy because he was going to print 100 posters and 1000 flyers for us.

After burning the ai and pdf file into the cd, we realized that none of us had an envelope or a cd cover to put the cd in.

We must make it presentable for our contributors, and passing them just the cd is not a good idea.

And so I decided to flip through my organizer.
And saw 2 cds of The Treshold of a Persona. And WV rummaged through the small little plastic cover and found a beautiful new green cd cover.

She took the TVB cd out and slipped the cd we supposed to pass to Mr.Gan into the cover.

My Life Savers =)

So it is really worth my time and emotions for liking TVB all these years



Anonymous said...

call police come. hehe.. =P

chLoe said...

no, they're not. I don't buy pirated dvdds. I have something against buying pirated stuff.