Wednesday, 29 July 2009

After a Whole Week of

no replies from the companies I sent my resume to, I finally got a call from one. Yeay!!

Ok la, I'm picky. I didn't send my resume to every company available. I sent them to:
Style: magazine
Fine Batik
Foetus International
and Petrosains.

and I got a call from Fine Batik!!! Whooo~!!
And what I'll be doing are...
write ups,
resume writing analysis,
dan lain lain.

lalala... and best of all, it's behind my aunt's office! Easy for me to go home.

I wish people would understand the agony I'm going through. It's been almost 24 hours, and I still haven't watched episode 13 of Coffee Prince yet.

Went to the tvb vcd shop. Told the aunty I wanted the ori copy. She brought out some obviously fake copies. You know those without picture. Getting annoyed, I wanted to sengaja ask ask la. Convo went like this:

Clo: Are these ori?
Aunty: *silence, then a small sound I assume sounded like a 'yea'.
Clo: Oh, why isn't it in the box?
Aunty: *silence, pretend didn't hear or something*
Clo: *tipus* I wanna buy it for a friend. It needs to be in a presentible box.

And she took out an empty dvd box. You know, those black coloured one that can only put 2 dvds inside?
She even had the cheek to tell me that it will look ori and ask me to put a picture in front. The aunty mau con me of RM10.

Anyway, back to my agonizing story.
I'm in the midst of watching a super kan cheong part.
And I can't watch it. It's like it's there, but you can't get it.

Bahh!! I'll go ad buy it tomorrow. At KL. After my interview. Another day... Without my drama...

Here are some pictures of my cuzzie's bird, Naughty.

It looks like a huge monster coming to eat you

Or maybe a size of a cat coming to eat you.

Looks scary, but it's so tiny miney. And super friendly.
Cuzzie picked the baby mynah up from the drain.
Allowed it to fly away when it grew older by putting it on the tree and they walked away, but it didn't want to. It flew back to them.


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