Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's Like A Childhood Dream

come true.

I've always wanted to work at the heart of KL. And I was at KL. In the morning. In working attire. Imagine yourself longing for something for so many years and you've finally got it.

Was lost for words. Took some pictures.

I got the job. Wheee~! After the interview, walked to Avenue K (9 minutes walk) and took the LRT to Pasar Seni to get to Petaling Street JUST to get COFFEE PRINCE!!!!

Not a fan of flowers, but took this to show you the fresh flowers at 11 in the morning.

Was walking while I took those. So pics are a lil blur. Screw it.

After walking around Petaling Street and satisfying my needs to walk around there, I headed back to the LRT station and back to KLCC where I waited for dad to pick me up from Kelana Jaya when he's free(I needed to take the LRT to KJ, of course).

Oh, I didnt get to buy Coffee Prince. Out of stock. wtf. Double agony.
Oh, Oh, I might not be taking up the job.

Dizzie kepoh-ing when I was Google-Earth-ing the location of my interview place last night.


Nicholas Tan said...


chLoe said...

thanks. how about u and ur eagle point?

Nicholas Tan said...

the guy said next week he'll gimme a confirmation, still need to interview some jackass to see who's better..sigh..

ONION said...

where ! where! so tat i can google earth it too!

Andrew C. said...

Wow! Excellent photographs on skyscrapers! (the idea and the angle)

chLoe said...

Onion, lmao!! it's menara park. beside public bank.

Chong, thanks =)
you haven't been uploading on fb ler...