Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Campaign and Misc pics

Here are some pictures. For more, click Ice's blog.
Feeling sleepy now, so this will be a brief post.

Someone's doggie brought to the campaign

HomeApet.com's booth. one side of the whole event

GG's Oscar and Miss's niece

Keith and Aki with Oscar at the Photobooth

Pets for Keeps Campaign at Summit

Random girl with toy poodle

Random doggie

Pets for Keeps Campaign's Daycare

Pet cookies WeiVern, GG and I made

(Clockwide from back left) Keith, GG, Clo, Yoshenii, Ms Mangala(our lect), Hannah Yeoh, Roslan(head of FOCAD), Mr Gan(owner of House of Groomers), Sucram, Jasvin, Nana, Aki, WVern, and Ann

Campaign Meeting at some fishspa at ss15. Lauya wan. Kena conned. those fish didnt eat the dead skin also. Was forced to dip my legs in. Got threatened >.<
(from left) Raj(senior) Miss, Wvern, me, GG, Suc, Sharon(senior).

Yeah, lotsa people came for the event. More that we expected. Approximately 70 dogs came for the event(source-Medical Booth. The docs kept a record).

Absolutely pleased with our achievement. We're stil talking about it until today. There will be a part two of this campaign for our final project before I ditch segi.

It'll be bigger and better and more animals will be involved. We'll be inviting the whole zoo from the US. We are working on invitation cards to be sent to individual animals such as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, the weird king of the jungle, and those penguins.

Very complicated, so I will need your help by putting me in a box as I sail accross the ocean to Madagascar. Because I believe the guys are still there.

Or are they still in Africa? Or have they gone back to the zoo? I dunno. Update me.



Andrew.C said...

Oh oh oh... i LOVE those cookies! Are those for HUMANS? hahahaha xD

Nicholas Tan said...

there more picture from raj..does he have a blog??

ONION said...

tat's not a Toy Poodle!

chLoe said...

Chong, yeah, can be eaten. we used pure ingredients. the only reason humans cant eat it is because there's no sugar and no salt. it's like eating flour, but doggies love em =P

ice, he is not online and i dun think he has a blog. left him an offline message. no reply wtf.

onion, it is! it's called toy poodle. Poodles are uglier. see this has a flat face, it's called toy poodle