Friday, 17 July 2009

thank you segi you're a bitch

I'll just go stratght to the point.
Thank you for saying that you'll sponsor 4 banners, 30 t-shirts, 50 goody bags, and rm200 for competition posters.

Thank you for shining light at the end of our dark financial tunnel.

Thanks for the banner we received one day before the event! The colours are vibrant. Love it! We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. It was one of the most important things on the event day itself.
I think I forgot to tell you that we gave you the soft copy two weeks before the event. As you requested.

Thank you for making us fork out our own rm560 on our own tees, at the very last minute.
We understand that you wouldnt want to pay rm15 for our tees. That's alright.
But what happened to our rm7 white tees you promised to print? The one with our own design?
Oh yeah, I forgot. You changed your mind and decided to give us 30 RED segi tees saying 'get ahead with segi' instead.
Thanks =) we appreciate it. We accept every kindness anyone offers.
Just one little question. Where are they?

One more question. Why are you making so much noise about us inviting Hannah Yeoh to our event? Yes, she is from the opposition party. But the opposition sponsored us X amount. It's enough for us to cover our Summit rental, tents, and competition prizes!

Let me clarify some things.
1) We invited her because she is the ADUN Subang. It's called respect for people higher than us.
2)Our target market are Subang people.The Subang people voted for her. Did the Subang people vote for segi?
3)Did I mention we asked for your help even before approaching her?
4)Did I mention she is our main sponsor?
5)That's like 93% more than you!

Just a friendly reminder, your students are your marketers.
Not your consultants you pay each month to talk to 'potential' customers.

Here's a toast to you:



cheers =)

ps: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you once more for your banner <3
It would mean a whole lot more if you didn't give us false hope or make empty promises in the first place.

pps: The smartest thing you've done so far is to
1) open the college in USJ
2) hire ms mangala
3) hire mr lim (fondly known to segi students as old misao)
4) hire jye
5) hire mr jaya
6) hire kelvin
7) hire roslan
8) hire fauzi
9) hire kathy
10) putting in extra interesting subjects for masscomm such as typo, videography and photo studio & lighting.

ppps: am i in deep shit? =/

pppps: campaign photos to be up soon. as soon as i get hold of whoever who has the pictures.


ONION said...


chLoe said...

u damn smart laaaa... i'll be moving tooo... wheeee!!!

-tracy- said...

u havent got the worst from SEGI la. lol, u havent even heard the story from my sis. she was doing nursing in that college. she left after 5 months to sunway coll. stuff happened. management was reli bad. not surprising about ur misfortune. :) dont worry. i kno u can handle it.

Andrew.C said...

LOL! first, i thought it's a praise. Damn, the college is like a shithole! How about the lecturers? Any good ones? o.O

chLoe said...

Tracy, thanks =)
and yeah management sucks. gosh, and the story is waaay longer than what i typed.

Chong, LOL!!! it IS a praise. they sponsor BANNER mahh... VERY EXPENSIVE BANNER WORRR...

a handful of the lecturers there rocks. cacatted ones left. some good ones left too.
nehh, those under the "pps" section are uber cool lecturers. =)

ONION said...

an Arm full of lecturers is coming to my coll, even lucky Brandon chee.

Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

i think there might be a slight hint of sarcasm there... hehe..

chLoe said...

Onion, Yeahh. i know...

Wong, yeapp u gottit =D

-Littlenicky- said...

go monash. then i go fine u then u bring me drink hahaha.

my sis wants to do nursing in segi lo.. =S

chLoe said...


as long as she doesnt get involved with the management, then she's ok =)

brian said...

lol ever since i leaved this college i dint know its getting worst. But what i like there is that the lecturers always give the final exam question to me lol

chLoe said...

the lecturers are cool. it's the management that sucks.

Tipsy Darlene said...

Wee~ Come to my coll! We'll be shifting to the new campus soon! :D

and champion la clo! If only segi reads this. Proally get a full scholarship or something! haha!

chLoe said...

hahaha!!! if they do la. sampatted coll. mau boycott adi la. babi management.

people out there, dont get me wrong. Lecturers at segi are damn bloody cool. just make sure you dont get screwed by the management, that's all.