Friday, 10 July 2009

Guess Who Was On The Set Of


You damn genius. Of course lah Aznil was on the set of Macam Macam Aznil.

Guess who else lah.

Just give up. You won't be able to answer anyway =P


Me, Raj, and Miss Mangala, Mr Roslan(not in pic), and sem 1 and sem 2 juniors.

Aznil's waaaay cooler in person, and incredibly funny. Even off screen.
Omg, I'm a fan of a local someone!


Nicholas Tan said...

how the hell did u end up thr??

ONION said...

what you do there.. i guess correct owrr! BOTH CORRECT! am i a genius or not!

Andrew.C said...

OOooo The uber rare photo of clo! A celebrated post! hahahahaha. =)

How's assignments?