Monday, 24 August 2009

Hmm... Something's Missing

I can't see Petronas Twin Towers when I look outta the window:

I tried looking for it but it's no where to be found ='(((((
My beloved building...

*slaps forehead*
OWH YEAHHH...!!! I work IN it.
Nowonder I can't find it.

Outside PETROSAINS, 4th floor KLCC
Suc stole MY limelight. I was supposed to be the only one on TV.
He apparently didn't understand what 'go away' meant. Haha.

While waiting for 9.30am, I doodled on my journal. It's uncompleted but I show you first lah because I'm such a very nice person you're so nice to drop by this blog.
This is one of the many buildings I can see from the KLCC food court window.

After our internship briefing in the mini conference room, we were brought round the Petrosains office and we introduced ourselves.
Was introduced to some foreign exchange students. Very friendly lot.
Then was introduced to this hot cute guy. My HR manager told me that he is single

No, really. He told me that the cute guy is single. Haha. Right in front of the cute guy's face summore. We laughed at the sampatted yet sporting HR and continued our journey around the 4th and 5th floor of Petrosains.
Didja know that Petrosains is joined to the 4th and 5th floor of Tower 2 of the twin towers?

After going round with loads of smiles and hellos, we were asked to join the Volunteer Training Program for a week.

Was briefed on the mission, vision, Customer Services, Emergency exits and whatnot in the first class. Training was conducted in Petrosains.

One of the dudes who did one of the training was pretty long winded.
By 2 something I started to get sleepy.

So I pretended to take down notes. Click to enlarge.

It's 11.11pm now and I'm feeling sleepy. Long day tomorrow. Nitey =)


Anonymous said...

you so got the talent to write so In-ter-res-ting-ly..

chLoe said...

haha, thanks =)) i know who u are.