Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Is one of the many places I never imagined to step my feet upon.

Today's itenarary is about Operations Division something, a tour round Petrosains and the tour at Skybridge.

Skybridge is free.
Opens at 9am.
Ticket counter opens at 8.30am.
Tickets are limited to only a thousand plus per day.
Petronas Twin Towers is a corporate company. But due to the public's plea, they decided to open level 41 which is the lower level of the skybridge to tourists.

I feel damn honoured to be able to wear it =D

The buttons in the lift. the buttons light at the floor yang ditekan.

The picture of me is the only picture I took which shows a hint of Skybridge. I realized that the pictures I took are all the scenery of the city. I think I didn't dare to take the bridge because there's this person in the group whom I think I like. And I don't want him to perasan just because I just think he's pretty cool.
P/S: needed to highlight the 'i think' nanti you all think I fell for him or something.

Just added him on Facebook. Whoops bocor. Now you'll go and click on my FB page and click on my wall out and check his profile out. Yahu.

The whole group under the Volunteer Training Program are damn funny. 100% Malays. ALL speak English pretty well. About 4 or 5 of them are doing chemical engineering, which both are at Taylors.

This petite girl started off her convo with me by saying "I'm actually a bisexual. I've got 3 girlfriends. One Indian and 2 Chinese" and during the tour she actually came to me and hugged my arm.
I didnt shrug her off. I acted naturally. I suppose she can feel that I'm OBVIOUSLY not one. Judging by the way I responded to her because after that, she didn't come near me anymore. Only once later, to be reassured that the Skybridge guy is a lil effeminate. She's pretty cool, and a nice person to talk to.

Anyway, bi-s aside.
I thought I got to save $$$ after spending RM50 on books and RM20 on food yesterday.
I had nasi padang and coke which added up to exactly RM6.10.
Manatau after walking around Isetan, the sweets and snacks were on sale. Spent a good RM15 on 4 types of Japanese sweets and gum.

This is one of it. Only RM5.90. Summore it's Baskin Robbins something.

It's only the 2nd day and I've already spent around RM100.
I need therapy. And the only way to cure it is retail therapy.


Andrew C. said...

Big cities is so your place! =D

nicole said...

im a bisexual too *hug ur leg*


chLoe said...

Chong, yeahh!!! =DDD

Nicole, I'm a bisexual too too. I hug your leg as well =P

Anonymous said...

wow rm 100 for second day..
i save in Jenjarom.. ate cold food brought there, and for the mean time i am Rich...

so don't spend ya.. before pockets if filled.. HAHAHAHAHHA!

chLoe said...

yeahh, i must learn from you...