Friday, 14 August 2009

Wei Vern Gave Dizzie

a prezzie.

A new PINK polka dotted collar!!!

But Dizzie can't use it until she gets a bath.

Filthy Dizzie.

P/S: WV, Dizzie says meow which I assume it's a "thanks, I like it very much" but the meow was a little bit short, so it could possibly be "OOH!! PINK!!!" or maybe a "Wahh!!"

I don't know =/


nicole said...

tht day i saw this little kitty tht look just like ur Dizzie!

ONION said...

siow lang - Wahh!

Christina said...

pink! hahahh!! bim has a red collar. :)

chLoe said...

nicole, haha. did u say hi or something? the dizzie face os pretty common.

slim, lol!!! y siao?

christina, red should match better. red is nice!!! bu people mistaked dizzie for a 'he' so i need to let her wear pink =D

ONION said...

ey ur like interperating what ur kitten's is thinking.. that is seriously seriously not wrong but

it's just Clowe..

chLoe said...