Sunday, 16 August 2009

Damn Connection

at my gramma's place is damn freaking bad.

Maxis broadband at home's signal is 5/5. And as I have been jagaing my gramma for the past few days, I brought my lappy to her place. USJ 13's maxis connection is friggin 1/5 and it can't even load fb for a while.

Before I get into my grumpy mood (which has been taking a toll on me recently) I would like to


WongWJ and KC

yang ke-20!!!

No, I didn't forget your birthdays. I swear.
Wong, yours is on Aug15
KC, yours is on Aug 16.
I didnt need FB, FS or my phone alarm to remind me =)
One point for Clo. Yay me!

I know la I should have dropped you guys an email or an sms or so =/
So let's tolak six points for that reason.

Negative 5 points for Clo.

P/S: Sorry Ice and Jin(if u read this) phone's outta credict since Wednesday.