Monday, 17 August 2009

You People Do Not Understand

what Frigging Bored means.

Remember a few times I said that I would rather be bored than to do assignments?

I take that back.

Currently at gramma's house, watching her, making she doesn't fall over or some sort because she isn't feeling well.

Connection sucks.

Nothing on TV.

Channel switched to
My new fave cartoon.

Boredom is bad. Really bad. As bad as bad connection. I don't even know what I'm saying. Numsayin'?

Bloghopped to Jason Mraz's
He has been answering Twitter questions on FF5000
Found this hilarious:

abartelski: will u write a haiku about me?

To Abartelski,
This is a haiku for you.
Love, Jason Mraz

sorayabarakbah: whats the weirdest thing u have ever done while u were high?

I once wrote a haiku about writing a haiku to someone named abartelski.

But note: I didn't laugh out loud like mad. Just smiled. Or gav e a smirk. That's it.

Gawd I'm bored. I'll listen to the radio drama for the 3rd time lah.