Friday, 18 September 2009

Everyone is in a

Raya mood. The whole office turned into a pasar malam. Literally.

Marimarimari!!! dua ringgit! duaringgit! duaringgit! Cepat cepat nanti tak dapat!!

One of the staff was selling hairties, hairbands and stuff so Ash beria-ria ask the office to crowd round to buy from the staff. When the boss came, they pretended to be so scared and shouted DBKL datang!

Raya songs could be heard leftrightcentre. Even the people who don't raya Raya also started singing.


Flipped through the papers, and saw this lame advert:
First, it's Ronaldo. A celebrity endorsement by Castrol.
He's a footballer, carrying a bottle of Castrol and posing for the camera.

"Uhhhh...?" *ala Patrick Starfish style*

So much for having performance at the edge.

Anyhoo, Fell asleep at my workstation again because as mentioned just now, EVERYONE is in the Raya-holiday mood. Decided to go round the exhibit area to look for...erh, him =D

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been sleeping at 10 something pm(the time I reach home) and waking up at 12am to bathe before I have to wake up at 6am.