Monday, 14 September 2009

Ever Been In A

"goina have fever, but dun have fever" feeling?
Actually, my forehead's warm. I wanna sleep early.
Gotta reply miss' email tomorrow.
Missed out dinner with WV, Jion, Ice and Suc.

Anyway, Astro Ceria's Misi Yaya came to PSB for shooting. They arrived at 10 something, and left at 4. The poor 6 year old starring was so frustrated because he can't remember his lines:
"Yaya nak jadi angkasawan Malaysia macam Datuk Dr Sheikh Muzzafar! Saya nak mak dan ayah bangga" or somthing like that. He kept on saying Mustafa instead of Muzzafar. After being corrected many times, he sank his head in both of his hands and sat at the corner in frus. Kesian.

The tiny boy in astronaut outfit is him.

Yaya waving the flag.

Photoshoot after many many takes.

While waiting for the camera to be brought to PSB, the 6 little boys started playing around Space(a part in PSB):

That's Yaya in between the local 'aliens'

This 8 year old boy started asking me alot of questions about space. Daymn. I can't even tell the diffrence between Mars and Marikh. Or are they the same? zomgwtfbbqchloe, you're disgusting.

So I used the method the Volunteer Management Unit (VMU) taught us in my 1st week.
"Adik rasa apa jawapannya?"
"Cuba try dan fikir"
"Selain jawapan tu, ada jawapan apa?"

haha! SAVED!!!

Shahzuan is the name. Taklative and inquisitive. Very smart. His science results are from 97 to 100%. W.O.W.
His mum told me that he wanted to learn mandarin, but his aunt who so happened to be there commented that he can't even master Bahasa Arab and Jawi yet. Let alone learn a new language.
To which he replied
"I won't be staying in Arab, so I don't need to know the language. However, I would need to use Mandarin because I'm staying in Malaysia. It would be more useful"

Well said for an 8 year old who is born in December.

That's him and his lego robot he built in less than 2 minutes.

All questions were shot at diffrent times.
My answers weren't that short.

"Kak, kak umur berapa?"
"Kak, dah kahwin ke belum?"
"Haha, belum"
"Kak, nama mama kak apa?"
"Tak lah, saja nak tanya. Nak berkenalan"
"Kak, ada abang atau adik tak?"
"Kak anak tunggal lah?"
"Kak, adik nak tunjukkan sesuatu" and pulled my hand to one of the exhibits.

People wonder how I handle kids. I often wonder as well.