Thursday, 10 September 2009

Today Marks the Day

of THE English UPSR test.


Kids, do well. Make me proud

They have so many papers to do in one day. English, Science and an aptitude test.
Speaking of which, check out the convo I had with this 12 year old:

JH: What is aptitude test?
Me: Its an intelligence test. It's to check how smart you are.
JH: *innocently* Ohh!!! Teacher, I am so Aptitude!


Me: *looks at the time* Alright, let's call it a day. All the best for tomorrow's paper.
JH: Bye, teacher! I'll make sure I'll pass with flying birds!
Me: Flying WHAaa?
JH: Colours can fly wan meh? Cannot mah, so flying birds lor...


and don't get me started on the part when I asked them to READ EVERYTHING to which JH responded "including the "LIHAT SEBELAH" on the end of the paper?"

"Yes, that as well"

And he pretended to lean over to "lihat his sebelah's friend's answer."

Gawsh. Heart attack Vomit blood session.

Thing is, he innocently said them. NO knowledge on how a sentence with the word 'aptitude' should be constructed, NO clue on why the term 'flying colours' is used.