Sunday, 13 September 2009

I Apologize

connection has been a total bitch since I last updated.

It's Monday. Here goes another week. It'll be my fourth week at Petrosains. Wao.
If only internship was 6 months or longer.
Really enjoying myself there. Learnt loads. Uncountable.
Environment's not formal. Heads and subordinates are like family.

While I was doing some internal PR work or some sort, I suddenly heard a roaring sound coming from the I-Prog Department. Wondering what happened, I ran to kepoh see what was wrong. Squeezing my way through I joined the circle and surrounded the table of what I assumed is the cause of the commotion.

Yeah, it was some baggamon or something. Can't rember the name, but it's apparently and old toy which looks like a ball, but when you throw it down it opens up into some robot thingy.

Gawd, I was amazed. Never in my life have I seen such thing. Told A HANDFUL of people. They ALL laughed at me.
Don't blame me, kay? I grew up playing barbie dolls, teddies, masak2, batu seremban, and all those 'girls only' toys.

Anyway, took this picture because it said to do so.

Some people from other departments of Petronas came for a meeting, and the Petrosains(PSB) PR people are to bring them round the centre.
This is what they gave us =)

On Friday, Fred(Head of A&P) brought us to the PSB store at the concourse level of one of the tower. In order to get there, one has to creep through secret passageways, walk through dungeons row across the moat, fight dragons, and swim in the secret lake in order to get to the store.

This is how the ceiling looks like.

Didn't dare to take too may pictures because I'm scared some terrorist may stumble upon this blog and use my pictures as a guide to bomb the towers my camera is oh-so-clear.

My reflection on the silver goblets metal science thingy in the store.

After that, I had nothign to do, so I offered to send some cards to the twin towers.
WOOTS!!! Not everyone gets to go up =D

In the lifts. Going upstairs itself is a maze. If you going to odd floors, you should take the lift from idk what floor, and even numbers on idk what floor. Not to mention level 23 what to level 37 is another lift. Confused? Too bad. I was even more confused when I was there =P

View from Level 42. That's the skybridge.

This is taken from level 69. Didnt go too near the windows because I was terrified kay, it's true. I was terrified.

The butangs to one of the many lifts.

Inside the lift. M is Mezzanine floor.

Sleepy. Nitey =)