Monday, 28 December 2009

Another Trip

down to 1U with PeiYan. This time with Pris. Yeay! Really didnt expect this trip to turn out, but thank goodness Pris made it. Whee!

She picked me up from home and met Pyan there and headed to dunno what Garden for lunch.
The menu has cats!

And the title is 'Nibbles and Appetizers'

Then we walkwalkwalkwalk and masuked Guess. Finally got a purse I wanted to buy for a long time. It's not exactly the latest design, but I really like it.

The girls camwhored with my phone...

...actually, it was just Pyan...

While I tried on some shoes.
P/S: Pyan, nice shot. Love the composition.
Wasted ada pengacau behind.

Cotton On is the worst place to shop. My 2nd time entering the shop. First time was in Pavilion.
The place is damn babi sloppy. Clothes and shoes are strewn all over the floor just like my roomand the queue to the fitting room is damn babi long, let alone the cashier queue.
Pris managed to find a silver studded miniskirt for RM50 which I thought was quite worth it.

Pris' Cotton On skirt and PYan's Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT, solidperfume in a daisy locket and MbyMJ shimmering daisy body cream @ RM309.

Then KC and Jin temaned me for dinner because Pyan's ChefTham already cooked dinner. Thanks, Pris, for the ride =)

Dinner at Nirvana was followed by
horrible finger foods at My Kopitiam.
The latter was then washed down by a drink at McD.
Went to Happy Days, but decided to wait for Chong's return.
All four places were ransacked by us within a couple of hours.


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