Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Dinner

My aunt is the chef this year. And with the help of 5 kitchen helpers(cuzzies and I), the 6 of us, armed with Nigella Lawson and Michael Smith cookbooks, started our mission at 9.30am:

Christine touching up Magdalene's menu

Abel picking out mint for the salad

Magdalene filling up puff pastry with mushroom fillings and eggmayonaiseavocado fillings

Tiffany helping out with puff pastry.

Chloe pretending to help Christine

After 10 hours of hard work, labour and sweat the end products are worth it. Not everything on the menu are here.

Appetizers with Guacamole & sambal dip

Prawn and Crab salad

Mashed purple US potatoes mixed with milk, butter, salt and pepper

Brussels sprouts, baby carrots and bacon

Roasted chicken and orange. There were 2 chickens and a few thighs. The 2nd chicken cooked in brandy was demolished within seconds it came out from the oven. No turkey. No one in the family likes turkey.

Mee. Not spaghetti. For the gramma and people who got 'jelak' with kwai lou food

Strawberries and cherries dipped in melted chocolate+whipped cream's cream for that extra creamy taste.


Missed pictures of frozen grapes dipped in chocolate.

Then the cuzzies cracked xmas crackers.
And wore the party hats that came in it.

Should have opened it before eating, but we were ravenous and walked straight to the food and kept the crackers for last.

The little gifts from xmas crackers

All of us. minus Sophia and David.

I thought this is a nice picture one of the cuzzies took of Christine so I decided to post it up.


NicholasIceGhost said...

the food looks good~

Andrew.C said...

OH DEAR SWEET LORD. immasoenvyofyourchristmasparty...

Tell you about mine next time :)

Zharif said...

i have to say though that the dessert is easy but it is very very good.

chLoe said...

thank you, iceice =)
how was yours?

whythankyou,chong. okiethen you owe me your xmas story.

it so TOTALLY is, zharif. you should try it.