Saturday, 30 January 2010


It's Dizzie again.

Chloe hasn't been in a good mood for the past few days hence the lack of updates. Frankly speaking, I'm grateful she still runs around the house plays with me. Once, I thought she went mad because she started jogging up and down when I was asleep. Then I found out that SHE IS MAD! Which explains why the sudden hyper-ness.

Every morning, when I see the crows outside the window, I will chatter. To them or at them, go figure. Remember I told you Chloe is mad? Well, for starters, she did the exact same chatter I do when she saw crows on the roadside while buying breakfast for her grandma! She told me! I'm a big influence in her life, eh? What was she thinking?
*does the cicak noise*
I know how cicaks sound like, okay? I caught almost 8 of them! The recent one being a baby cicak. No mercy.

Chloe told me that her friend sent her some online recipe books for cats. She wouldn't let me see what's inside just in case I pester her to make me some. Who said I'll pester her? EVERYONE knows she can't cook!

Oops, I've spoken too much. Chloe's hyperactiveness is back! Miaooo!!!

My mistake. It's just her getting her butt out from the couch and into bed. Disappointments. No one knows the agony a cat goes through.


NicholasIceGhost said...

dizzie, wot did i told u bout getting ur own blog..

p.s::stop learning so much english..go whack a kitty or somethin'

Zharif said...

woohooo, dizzie's back.

chLoe said...

dizzie will get one soon.
damn, she's more popular than me!