Sunday, 31 January 2010


And so here's my new template. I've been wanting to change the background for ages but didn't know how to. Apart from those normal blogger templates. White...not really me, but it sorta gives this blog a clean and fresh new look.

The name Fireworks Are Beautiful shall stay though. You know, to copyrightkan this blog. Might change it, to flow with time and changes, but when I do, you'll know.

Since Dizzie is in more popular demand than me , I decided to fulfill your wishes by creating a blog for her.
She will be a secondhand blogger of you know, the blog I used to bluff you all something I can't remember what. Whenever she updates, I'll inform you here.

No pictures. Misplaced my USB cable that connects my phone to the comp.

And so, I'm back to the blogosphere. Sort of. Need to get into the swing of it. =)