Friday, 1 January 2010

Here Are a Few Shoutouts

I've copypasted from FB that I found worth pondering upon(and some not so thought provoking, but somewhat hilarious):

Teoh(SJEcho Editor):Just greeted the New it's out to the streets to join the police for road block... :-P

Pam :Happy new year =) May the coming year bring more joy and blessings!

Wong :last day of 2009, make it count!

Chong : another year ahead, more entropy anticipates. Happy birthday earth. =)

Prasadh : feels like 1999 all over again, seriously, this shit is getting old.

Anuar : tahun baru nk botak la..

Aljer :When the clock strikes 12.00 a.m. Will you be kissing the one you love?


Yeah, it's the new year again. whoohoo.celebrations.makenoises.
Screw own made resolutions. They're for people who remembers to fulfill them throughout the year.

Two things I associate with new year:
ONE: remembering not to write '09 whenever I write dates.

No fireworks.

So anyway, I saw the new year come in with my family. The other two cuzzies decided to come! Yahoo!

Yup, we had Jamie Oliver's Mince& Onion Pie

Xmas Mince Pie and Brandy Cream

It's still tender even though it's cold.
Think WV introduced it. Thanks!

Then my mum made Ais Kacang. Here's the ingredients:
1)homemade redbean paste
2)mango jelly
4)a whole durian
5)homemade sarsi syrup over
6)shaved frozen dutch lady full cream milk

So why are everyone so eager to finish up the whole bowl of ice-nut?

Maybe because mum placed 10 Marks & Spencer GOLD coins into the ingredients at the bottom!

AND, surprisingly, the adults were as eager as the kids to find them gold choco coins!
Kononnya bluff the kids saying that if they get the coins, they can then get chance for a lucky draw. Padahal they memang can get lucky draws no matter if they get coins or not.
It's just to make sure everyone finishes the-ice nut.

Lucky draw includes Pilot pens, highlighters, correction tape, post-its and all those etc school stuff. Cuzzies were pleased =)

Then we played Scrabble Scramble, Family Fortune(Google it. I bought them cards from M&S) and Chubby Bunny(YouTube it)
P/S: The link above features Cathy. *big fan* =P

How to play Chubby Bunny:
1.Put as many marshmallows as it takes to fill up your mouth.
2.Try to say "Chubby Bunnies" without spitting out any marshmallows.

3.Attempt to put more marshmallows into your mouth
4.Say chubby bunnies again

5.Repeat these steps until you absolutely can't fit another marshmallow into your mouth.

Source: Wiki.

Seriously, you should try playing it.
But do remember to prepare a plastic bag to throw up spit the marshmallows when it overflows. Get tissues as well. Saliva will drip. =P

Notebooks my aunt got the cuzzies.

"Ring out the old, bring in the new
A midnight wish to share with you
I don't need a crowded ball room everything I need is here
If your with me next year will be
The perfect year
It's New Year's Eve and hopes are high
Dance one year in, kiss one goodbye
Another chance, another start
So many dreams to tease the heart
" - Dina Caroll, The Perfect Year