Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dizzie Post

Happy New Year!
It's Dizzie here. I'm writing on behalf of Chloe. She went out for some dinner her neighbour invited her to. I know because I can hear her voice from the house. Noisy brat.

This afternoon when I woke up, I found a new bowl!
Excited a little. Just a little. It smells of dog, though. With a tinge of my food. And litter.

It came with a collar. For dogs. I hate dogs. Blechh. The collar's got no bell. I like bells. It announces my arrival. Here's a picture of me checking out my new presents. I must admit, the bowl smells...interesting...

I know you love me but I don't love cameras so appreciate them.
So here's a picture of me curling up looking at Chloe sitting on her bed.

And she took a long time to snap the picture so i looked away pretending to be interested in her dirty laundry hung behind the chair. I really did look away. I got so fed up. The magazines in the background in both pictures are at the same place. See? No lie.

I hear Chloe now. I better go and lie down by the door to greet her like I always do. It's worth it. I get rubs on my back.

Miao! It means bye, in cat.


Zharif said...

i cant help to just laugh at this post...good one.

chLoe said...

haha, thanks!