Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kids. We Meet Again.

Me : OK, here's an example of a sentence...ZhenYue(pronounced as Yi) is old because...
Zhen Yue: Heyy...
Me : Whoops, I meant Zhen YI is old because he is born in March(lame sentence, but I was fresh outta ideas)

Minutes later when I was marking their books...

Me : I thought I asked you not to copy my sentence examples?
To which Wilson cheekily replied :I did not copy you also. You said 'Zhen Yi' mah. I wrote 'Zhen Yue'.



Thanks, buddy for the t-shirt from Bandung. So many people have been going to Indonesia recently. My friends la, KC la, etc la...

It says 'Bandung, Paris Van Java', Bandung, the Paris of Java. It's named such because that's where people get designer items from. Directly from the factory. And the Bandung is printed in Indonesian motifs. Nice. Summore the cutting of the tee is so nice.

Was helping mum to change the bedsheets. Dizzie was being a pain in the ass. She hid under the sheets and didn't want to come out. She thought we were playing with her summore.

Dizzie, having one of the many times of her 9 lives.

I put the sheets down and pat her bum REAL HARD. She tried to catch my hand and scratch it but it was protected by the sheets. Haha. Boo Dizzie.

On Monday, she was staring at me for a long time and didn't move at all so I decided to take this oppurtunity to take her picture. Amazing thing was she didn't run away like she usually does whenever I whip out the camera.

Looks like a passport photo, eh?