Tuesday, 5 January 2010

So Here's The Scoop

I forgot to blog yesterday. Handcuff me.

Went college hunting. I shall not waste my life away by complaining and comparing Taylor's absolutely great degree which includes a scholarship I will be entitled to, to SEGi @ Kota Damansara's "HOMEGROWN" degree which is not affiliated with any universities be it local or not. Yahoo! Dilemma over.
Monash's is 28k per year, x3 years. Never even considered the latter, but decided to find out for curiosity's sake.

My mum found the other remote control, so there are 2 of them in the small living room of ours. Still, it is a necessity because when my dad watches a boring channel (READ: History Channel) I can instantly switch to Disney Channel and watch his face get all scrunched up because he used to sit on the remote to avoid me from stealing it from him. Nowadays he is immune to my bisingness so the 2nd remote came at the right time.

Okay, I'll blog again in a few hours time/ 1 day later. I've got 80 pages of my mum's book to proof read. It's being translated in BM and it will be out asap/as soon as I finish proof reading it.
The Chinese version is out in stores already.

So if you have any friends who just gave birth, this is a good gift. I'm not saying this because it's written by my mum, but because it's written in a very casual and friendly way. if you happen to go to bookstores, pick one up and read a page or two then you'll know what I mean.

It looks like this:
If you are doubting it, try Googling the book. I'm sure it's somewhere out there in the web.
Heyy... I know what I'm going to give Vivien! Ice, waddaya think?

P/S: Dizzie's running up and down. The floor is slippery. She slid and terhantuk her elbow hard on the floor. She miaoed and then licked her forearm. Kesian. And now she's up and about again. She's running so fast, she had to break by using her 4 paws to 'tahan' the wall before making a right turn. She indeed lives to her name. =)