Thursday, 4 February 2010


I'm referring to Jason Mraz's posts.

Although I do have to agree that I disagree on certain things he lives to die for, but I must hand it to him, he writes well.

Yes, I do apparently have a message from Facebook. Thanks for pointing out, tqvm.

This is the post on him and Colbie winning the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals-Lucky:

"And of course big thanks to Atlantic Records & Universal for seeing eye-to-eye on a project by two artists from different families. This could have easily been a Romeo & Juliet tragedy in the beginning. And now thanks to your involvement, Colbie and I get to add Grammy Award Winning before our names."

How la, Chloe, will you ever write well? When will you learn to write properly? When will you brush up on your vocabulary? How la are you going to take your Degree in Journalism? Having the sudden urge to write properly in the wee hours of the morning shouldn't be an excuse to console yourself.


Andrew.C said...

eh.. same case wei. Imma having probs with my english.

Every time when I read those well written journals or blog posts, it makes me feel.. little.

oh well. =/

chLoe said...

yahman! damn...