Sunday, 7 February 2010


Blogders(= blog + readers)

Didn't pay maxis bill for 2 months so they potong my line. Thanks a bunch, MAXISBROADBAND. it's just 2 months! damn.

It's really annoying because I have the urge to go online eventhough I'm doing something that doesn't require the internet. You see, I'm used to have more than 5 windows/tabs opened at the same time, so when I was doing my work I really got pretty restless than I rather not touch the laptop at all.

And so, I discovered that there's more to life than facing the pc. I spend more time with Dizzie, doing things that interest me, and starting on my abandoned hobbies...

wtf i sound like i just came out of rehab or something.

Saw this picture on the internet. Here, it's for you =)

you know, since i can't upload pictures and all...enjoy =)


Zharif said...

its amazing youre still sane after this event.