Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dizzie! Bath Time! Again!

Didja know we had to boil hot water in order for her to bathe?

Dizzie, all wrapped up in a towel to keep her warm after her bath.

Just gave Dizzie a hug and a rub. She smells good =)

P/S: L4D2-ed with KC, Jin, and Chong. I still suck at it. My character keep on getting stuck onto something because my fingers got numb at the 'wasd' keys from the tension of seeing zombies.
At the end of Dead Center, my character got the double whammy. Got struck by the thing that looks like 'The Thing' from Fastastic 4 and then got vomited upon by duno what that vomits green goo. Got saved numerous times. Chong had a bloody good time with the katana and I bloody enjoyed the chainsaw. Pun intended.
KC led the way and Jin saved people.

Best thing is when you see 'All the Survivors escaped' at the end.
Under normal circumstances, I would have died. Which I have done so so many times in L4D.

Reasons L4D2 is more fun compared to the 1st one:
1) More weapons, etc.
3) Brighter. Definitely.
4) I didn't die!!! Because KC set it to easy mode =D
THANK GOODNESS. Dah lah I damn slow.

Sleepy already. Nites =)


NicholasIceGhost said...

err..i still havent play it yet..damn u..

chLoe said...

damn you u should play it!

Andrew C. said...

It was such a good time!

ps: i'm STILL missing your DIZZIEEE! X)

Pam said...

I wanna playy l4ddddddddddd....gahhhhhhhhhh