Thursday, 18 February 2010

The R-Word

Something I never knew of:

I'm following Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers on Twitter. His tweets can make you laugh, or at least put a smile on your face.

So his most recent one was something about the r-word. I've heard of the F-word and the N-word la, but never the r-word. Have you?

So being a kepoh, I decided to check it out:

Oh. A Pledge page. Wow. Thanks. You keep talking about the R-word, you keep asking me to pledge to not use the r-word, but what is the r-word? What does it stand for?
What happens if it is 'roll-over', then how am I ever going to train my cat?
What happens if it's 'roticanai', how will I ever survive a mamak session?

So what do I do? I scroll the page and look for links. I scrolled up and down, searched high and low for it, alas! I found it! Yahoo! Google! Msn! Bing! After clicking on it, I saw this:

Wow. Now I know what the R-word is. Luckily it's not roticanai, aboh I die.
So curious as I was. Maybe kepoh abit, I typed this blog address. There is bound to be at least one or two r-words in it. I'm absolutely sure about it.

So I waited.

Then the results came out:

AND DAMN I WAS I SURPRISED!!! This blog got F word, but dun have R word leh. =DDD

I didn't pledge. 'coz I know someday, somehow, somewhere in my life I might accidentally use the word. Then it will be considered as breaking the pledge already. But if you do want to pledge, please do, by all means click on this
It says there if you use the r-word, you are "marginalizing and insulting millions of people with Intellectual Disabilities".

But then again, it's a word. Am I being insensitive if I call these people too sensitive?
I think it's about time for me to make people pledge not to use the p-word on me. I am not pudgy! I just a little carried away when it comes to food, that's all.


ZI said...

so whats the R word again?

Andrew C. said...

*eta*d? hahaha i got the R censored.

chLoe said...

HAHA, yup! that's THE word!