Monday, 1 February 2010


I'm watching the grammys on StarWorld and surfing the net at the same time.

Not many of my friends have Twitter. Only Grace, Nicole, Pyan, GG and the latest-JELA!
And they hardly update...

So anyway, I was a fan of AJ Rafael and his gang of friends so I followed him,
-Jesse Barerra(the guy who featured AJ in his song, She Was Mine),
-Cathy Nguyen (the girl who sang the Lucky cover with AJ),
-Albert Posis and Mark Mejia ( both guys sang She Was Mine cover),
-Katherine(Albert's gf),

and then there's
-Jason Mraz coz I think he's cool
-Colbie Caillat( she really tweets stuff like any ordinary person tweets:
"Oh my goodness. I just met -Beyonce!!! She is so beautiful and so sweet and she said I have a beautiful voice and she loves my music! : ) "
"I just met Jay Z, jennifer lopez, the fray, and india arie! Oh and fergie saw me and she knew who I was! OMG, I'm freaking out : ) " haha!
-BeauBristow, whoever he is, and I duno how to unfollow him.
-John C Meyer because i was obsessed with a few of his songs,
-Davie Henrie (the Wizards of Waverly Place guy, don't ask, I dunno what made me follow him either)
-Zee Avi , Diversity, Russell Peters, Raymond Lam Org, akiraceo,
I'm watching the Grammys,
i'm getting LIVE TWITTER UPDATES on how these people feel when they won!!

ColbieCaillat Wow, I'm at the grammys right now, and I just won my first grammy with jason mraz for lucky!!! My dad is my date tonight!