Saturday, 20 February 2010

Parking Tickets

WV gave me a parking chip that day!
RARE! I mean the chip. not the fact that she gave me something. She always gives me cool stuff =)
As well as a WHOLE STACK of parking tickets!

Which I can now add to my collection of

other upsidedown parking tickets!!!

I have no idea why the picture is upsidedown.

For better view, tilt your head 180 degrees to the left or to the right, whichever is more comfy for you. If you are wearing a neck-gear due to some accidents your neck succumbed to, just turn your screen upside down.

Some of you may think what's the use of parking tickets, but I treasure them alot mainly because how often are you able to get your car out of a carpark without having to return the ticket to a grumpy looking ticket lady? Even if you wanna keep the ticket, you'll need to pay a hefty fine.
If you still don't appreciate them, please pass them to me. Put a ribbon on them as my birthday present also no problem =)