Friday, 19 February 2010


You can skip this post because it is not entirely intended to entertain you.

I don't celebrate Chinese New Year. Neither does my family. They will pounce at every opportunity to cook, to eat and to gather. The CNY period this year is no exception.
So anyway, on the eve, I gave my grandaunts a call to wish them. 6 Yee, 7 Yee and 8 Yee. My late gramma is the 5th. Talking to them made me tear. They reminded me very much about my gramma. The way they talked, their voices. My pixelated image of them in my mind came back sharp. Sharper than I thought. Their voices, the smell of their house. I could almost see the train tracks nature unfairly throws on their face. Now I see that I've got aunts all over the world providing endless love (and stuff) for me. My mum's siblings whom I see everyday, my mum's besties from UK who looked after me since age zero and till now still buys me stuff every year and my gramma's sisters who has been so hospitable whenever I stayed over at their houses.

Perhaps looking through people's facebook pictures isn't a good idea. Especially those who go back to Penang.

Here's a picture of my little worm =)