Wednesday, 10 March 2010


happened at my home a week or two ago. Some of you might know about it because I somehow spammed this whole thing on Facebook and Twitter.

Under normal circumstances I would just use my phone as a torch and sit quietly on the couch. Probably text Jin because he lives opposite my area so I can see from the window if that area has electricity or not, and patiently wait for the lights to come back on.

But on that fateful day,
1) I decided to remove my lappy's battery and let it run on the power supply.
2) I was downloading nigahiga's vids so I can watch them even if I'm not online.
3) An electricity man knocked on my house door and asked if there was electric.
I thought he was some conman. After he left, I heard the neighbour opening the door and allowing him to enter the house. Yup. The neighbour's house was pitch dark.

1) My oh-so-slow-finally-downloaded-2%-video-after-half-a-year got cut. Now I have to wait for another year.
2) The whole block succumbed to the blackout due to something the electricity man did to the neighbour's power supply.
3) The basement were full of neighbours like it was some House-Hot-More-Windy-Downstairs party.

Fine, my mum was so excited about the blackout because she is now able to light up her crabtree&evelyn candle.

And that's Dizzie in the background, being a Dizziebody.