Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Unidentified F Object

Okay, long story, but there is a dispute on Facebook about Team Platform's proposal for our event and an unidentified person who happens to be a friend of a teammate.

Obviously, there has been some sort of misunderstanding. this unknown person happens to be criticizing our OLD proposal.

After a massive dispute, I assume this person realized his mistakes and she didnt want to acknowledge it, so this is what he had to say from her mouth, or rather, type.

(I used the term HIS, SHE, HE and HER on purpose. They are all referring to the same person, If you get my drift. *nudgenudgewink*)

Jay Lam
Jay Lam
My time is much tighter than the brainspace you appear to present for everyone else to see, but I do hope, your arsehole not be so tight for you to dispel the ill-effects of your own shortcomings.
2 minutes ago
Chloe Yong
Chloe Yong
Wow! I am amazed at what a gentleman you are, Jay. Thank you very much. I am absolutely flattered =)
A few seconds ago ·

Hehee!!! Can you feel the sarcasm? I hope it translates well over the computer =D

Note: I have ABSOLUTELY nothing against lesbians, gays, homos, tomboys etc. And my friends know it. I would have replied the same if this 'commenter' was neither the above mentioned. I don't want to bitch about people like her. No point in doing so.


Andrew.C said...

story story!

Nvm, we'll talk when i'm back this mid April! x)