Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Penang Trip

So my dad drove us down to Penang to attend the funeral.


We went to the funeral twice, the second time to see my widowed grand aunt who lost her appetite. I so understand how she feels. Not that I've lost a husband before but I know how it feels losing someone so important to you.

Dad and mum together on the beach. Rare picture.
The last time I saw them together in a picture was their wedding ones =P

Took a picture of 'footsteps and pawprints' because it reminded me of my previous pets campaign.
And how often do you see paw prints on sand, eh? =)

And so... after not being in Penang for almost 2 years, I had to eat Penang food.
The food's coming. I just wanted to show you pretending to be how surprised I was.

I saw a seashell!
Can you see how small my feet are?
It shows how tall I actually am =D

Oh yeah, the food. Dad brought us to the hawker stalls where locals dine.
Had loads to eat. The three of us ate like there's no tomorrow.

'Kway Chap'

'Char Kueh Teow with Hare Ko'

'Tung Ku Kai Keok without the tungku'

So satisfying, never felt happier =)

Sorry la, I know they're all empty plates.
I only remembered you guys after I makan-ed =P