Friday, 21 May 2010


TVB's Fly With Me starring Ada Choi.

She's a 'lou gwu por' in her 30s who suddenly discovered that she can turn from a wide hips woman into a superhot superhero when she kisses a man. Her psychologist explained the phenomena she's going through as living her alter ego. So here she goes flying around saving the world, Hong Kong to be precise, while trying to sort out her love life.

Mysteries of Love will be out on the 24th of May. I can't explain how excited I am as the date draws nearer. =DDDD

It's like a double joy for me. This time, Tavia will star alongside Raymond. Yeay! Unlike the last time they collaborated in Twin of Brothers, they weren't a couple.

Can't find the poster. Wonder if it's out yet =)

*edit* 25/5/2010
The poster is finally out!!! =D