Monday, 24 May 2010



inherited something:

from her grandaunt from Canada. Apparently it was an expensive brand.
Perhaps it's like a mac or a vaio today.

And today marks the first time I ever laid my hands on a ancient typewriter that is still working perfectly fine. There's one teensy weensy problem.

1)I couldn't find the enter button- you have to push that roller thingamajiggy on the top back to the left.
2)I couldn't find the exclamation mark, so i had to type "i am exclaiming"
3)I couldn't see my friend's reply on msn. Heck, I couldn't even find the icon!

Here's a tiny miny typewriter talk for those who are interested:
The awesome thing is that they have caps lock as well as shift that works the exact same way as today's comps. Of course they had stuff like #&*():"?/ and - but what baffles me is that there isn't any exclamation mark, but there is the @ symbol. Like, whatever do they use it for?

While another SOME-BOD-ZIE:

has been hiding treasures:

Under the fridge.

We moved the old fridge out to replace it with a new fridge that can freeze ice and keep fruits cool. Obviously there is much spring cleaning to do.

Juust in case you irritated me...
Don't gasp and gorge your eyeballs out at the sight of the dust(and Dizzie's pegs) found under the fridge as if yours is spotless. How often does any sane person/people(or YOU) move their super heavy fridge around just to clean a place no one will see, touch nor inhale. I bet people (or YOU)don't even do it once a year. If you know of any, tell me and I might salute them. pretending to be the cleanest freak on the planet,
make yourself at home and read in between the lines
highlight the white space in between =)