Tuesday, 31 August 2010

If You Remember

Laptop Scouting Mission (LSM) began about 3 months ago.

3 days ago, it was in between Mac and a Toshiba. Both costs approx RM3,500.

2 days ago, it was in between Toshiba and Vaio because Mac takes time to pick up, and with the crapload of assignments on my side, I have no time to learn any new stuff on the comp. It's like a UK citizen driving/living in the USA for the 1st time. So Toshiba and Vaio it is.

Yesterday, the Vaio was on RM500 discount, so the i5 processor Vaio costs RM3450 instead of the RM3999. But the funny thing is that the Sony salesboy suggested me to get a mac, instead of the Vaio at that price. So Toshiba it is.

Today, Ziquan (the PD guy) told me that a laptop with the same specs as Toshiba, the Asus can be bought at a cheaper price. After brainwashing myself to finally get a cheapo laptop, finally agreed to get an Asus .

BUT THE THING IS, Asus doesn't have pink. BUT DELL has pink! Graycee says Dell. Tham says Dell. Zharif says Dell and Mac AND TosHIGA. Now i want a tosHIGA. coz it sounds like Ryan Higa. Haha. Now I want a TosHIGA, a colourful Dell and a superchunted cheap Asus. Thanks y'all.

While scouting around for laptops, Ziquan led me to lowyat's forum and the forum so badly reminded me of the U8 forum I used to join, and so I googled SMK USJ 8 and forum. And guess what I found:

which led to a page I clearly remember posting something on:

I'm such a loser. I diagnosed myself with the Dory-Syndrome even at the age of 15. Which makes me a bigger loser. Click to enlarge.

More reasons why I belong to loserville:

...my uber lame email address: eternalflame89 @ hotmail.com


....the numerous times I got banned from using the internet during my secondary school days...

...then it reminded me of the time I attempted tried so hard to stand up for my friend who was accused of the murder of the australian dad. I think the administrator, Jin's bro, Clement deleted that post.

I was 15. I didn't know any better.


ZI said...

eternalflame89 @ hotmail.com?? HAHAHAHAHAHA...AWESOME.

anyway get a mac, but i strongly and strangely recommend the vaio and not the tosHIGA.