Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dear Jela

Remember how we used to write letters to each other in f3 and f4 on a daily basis to catch up with each other although we were in the same school? I'm still keeping all of them in an envelope. Thought we'll never stop, but we both grew up with side dishes to eat along the way. If it makes sense. Haha. This letter is going to be something different. If you don't mind, I'm making your letter public =)

Yes, I do remember how we thought Grace has changed when we read her blog a few years ago. Nowonder I don't mind reading her blog now >=P haha. shhh...

Just now when you mentioned to me that my style of writing has changed, I really didn't believe you one bit, because I've only masukked Taylors for 5 weeks. And with that I'm still mixing with the SEGi gang. and the Taylor's people I mix with are like, 'good girls'. In fact, I only talk to ONE girl who is originally from Taylor's.

So then I began to analyze the 'pre-Taylor's' blog posts and my recent ones.
You're absolutely right.
The current ones are so different. So full of complains. So much bitching. So much gossiping. So unlike me.

I doubt it's the influence of friends. I think it's more to the culture. Or rather the people there make you think in a whole new perspective/direction/whatever it is it called.

Like I mentioned just now at the kopitiam, I tried looking for a person in the simplest outfit in the campus. And finally found a dude in Tee and jeans. In Armani tee and Levi's to be precise. I suppose it's a matter of WHO they are wearing, rather than WHAT they are wearing .

Here's a secret. I wear RM10 tees often, without caring so much about the quality/brand etc. That day, I got myself a pair of Levi's. Mum paid for it of course. Although it was something I wanted for a long time, but if it wasn't for the 'culture pressure', I doubt the jeans would have been bought so soon.

I'll try to blog like the old me. Kinda dislike the recent blog posts.

P/S: here are a few pictures of the lakeside campus at night. breathtaking, isn't it?

The stairs leading up against the mining pool lake.

Block C, D and E -where the classrooms are.

The foodcourt/cafeteria that is facing the lake

Another picture of Block C and D

The commercial block opposite the classroom blocks. Now they have WongKok Char Chan Teng and Subway. Can't wait for Starbucks, McD and Baskin Robbins to open!

Thank you so much for pointing out that issue to me. Or else I wouldn't have noticed.
Chloe =)


wei vern said...

Wow!! U hv a great friend there. Always remember her birthday, anniversaries, everything.

I hope SEGi didn't act as a stepping stone to what u don't want.


ZI said...

mining pool? i call it the seaside.

Chloe said...

wv, yeah, it was her birthday yesterday. =)
segi has done no damage, i think =P

zharif, no mermaids, so it can't be seaside.