Thursday, 23 September 2010

I have not slept in the last 40 hours. and I don't seem to see myself sleep in the next few hours or so.
First GS, and now MC's due at 8am.

As I work on my Media Context assignment, part of me gets more and more angry at SEGi for allowing lecturers with standards so low such as Fida to teach. Now in Media Context, I honestly feel like I've missed out on a step between what I learnt in Journalism 1 AND 2 this subject. I tak paham this subject at all. Not even what the lecturer says, let alone BASIC JOURNALISM THEORIES like AGENDA THEORY.
Have never heard of it before.

no idea what i typed. was in a semi daze mode. went to kitchen to make coffee but malas to boil water, so end up drinking coke instead.

i have not eaten since lunch. something is very wrong. m being unusually not hungry.


NicholasIceGhost said...

keep doing this to urself and u're gone..lack of sleep caused early death..i will b damned pissed if u die b4 me..