Friday, 3 September 2010


are you afraid of thunder when it booms it's majestic voice over the land? or do you think of it as a noise of nature and brush it aside?

Thunderstorms blew off the power supply for the whole house in the evening on Wednesday. As the 4 year old laptop is running on no battery but on charger alone, 11 of the google chrome tabs turned into black screen. *facepalm*

While being immune to the roaring thunder outside, some fat little kitty was being a scary cat.

Here she is, all curled up on my lap. that's my chubby lower arm, btw. Tried to make it take a deep breath so it won't appear fat on camera but to no avail.

Then she jumped onto my bed and look to the direction of where the sound came from. Please excuse my shelf/2nd table/properties/ on the unmade bed.

Then she jumped down to the floor and scrunched up into a tight ball, probably trying to defy gravity. She probably thinks the smaller she is, the more stable she gets, the less scared she becomes.

kesian look

run and hide like your fellow ostrich, dizzie!


NicholasIceGhost said...

dizzie i always wonder why u hide under..
oh, cuz u're afraid of thunder..